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AROHA | Under 2’s

The AROHA group comprises of tamariki/children ages six months to two years. The curriculum we provide in this age group is the quality of Ngā Hononga /relationship our Kaiako have with the children and the whanau. Ngā Hononga/Relationship is about the way children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things.

This relationship is nurtured with Aroha that allows the infants and toddlers a space where they feel safe to explore, learn and flourish. It is in this relationship that infants and toddlers feel that their rights and values are being cared about and being cared for. This quality relationship is demonstrated in the AROHA group through the following:

  • Sensitive, responsive, and expressive interactions between adults, kaiako and children.

  • A high level of kaiako qualification, knowledge, and commitment.

  • A curriculum and programme focus.

  • An interest and willingness to work in tandem with parents and whānau.

  • A safe and healthy physical environment.


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