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Elim Kids places high value on parents aspirations for their child, and seeks to build strong partnerships with family. Your child will experience a fun, lively and interactive environment where their needs are met in a positive and caring manner.

Elim Kids is all about equipping children to be confident and competent learners - able to understand and relate with the world around them. We also have a strong literacy programme that has strong links to primary education, which gives our children an excellent foundation for school.

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Centre Routines


EIK has an in-house Cook who will prepare nutritious meals and snacks for your child throughout the day. Please notify our teachers if there are any foods or liquids your child is allergic to.



Bring a clearly labelled bag for your child with 2 complete changes of clothes, in summer include sunhat, during winter include warm jacket & gumboots. Each child is provided with their own locker for storage of their belongings.


Sleeping and rest times

Infants and Toddlers' individual sleeping routines are retained as much as possible. They sleep in cots or on sleep mats in a designated sleep-room with individualised clean bedding.


Settling Children in

Upon enrolment at EIK, your child will be appointed a key caregiver who will be responsible for settling you and your child into the daily routines and happenings of the centre.



Please notify our teachers if your child is unwell and unable to attend. Your child should be kept home if you suspect they may be ill, especially if it is infectious. In the event that any child becomes ill while at EIK we require a parent or guardian to collect them as soon as possible.


Communication with Parents

EIK aims to keep the lines of communication between home and centre as open, regular and informative as possible. Open Partnership with parents is important to us and we value your interest and input into our programme.

Elim International Kids Learning Priorities

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We aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of all members of the learning community as we actively grow curious learners & resilient risk takers that are able to walk with confidence in an ever changing world.

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