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Centre Routines


  • Elim International Kids has an in-house Cook who will prepare nutritious meals and snacks for your child throughout the day. Monthly menus will be sent out with the Centre Newsletter.
  • Please notify our teachers if there are any foods or liquids your child is allergic to.
  • Parents are required to bring clearly named bottles for children who are on formula, whole milk or expressed breast milk. (If your child is on formula please provide measured cooled boiled water and measured formula.)
  • The daily menu will be up on the notice board each morning.


· Please bring a clearly labelled bag for your child including the following:

  • Two clearly labelled complete changes of clothes.
  • In the summer, please ensure your child has a clearly labelled sunhat that provides adequate sun protection.
  • In the winter, please ensure your child has a warm jacket, hat and gumboots or change of shoes.

Each child is provided with their own locker for storage of their belongings.

Sleeping and rest times
  • Infants and Toddlers' individual sleeping routines are retained as much as possible. They sleep in cots or on sleep mats in a designated sleep-room with individualised bedding (provided and laundered weekly by Elim International Kids.)
  • Children in the over twos area have a quiet rest time after lunch, or a sleep, if requested by their parents.

Settling Children in

Upon enrolment at Elim International Kids, your child will be appointed a key caregiver who will be responsible for settling you and your child into the daily routines and happenings of the centre. Consultation and partnership between home and centre are vitally important to us and we aim to provide open channels of communication in matters regarding your child.

Young children can often find the settling process challenging as they are adapting to a new and unfamiliar environment. This can be a distressing time for both parent and child.
Here are some handy hints for helping with the settling process.

  • Aim to have at least 3 visits to the centre environment before your child is expected to attend.
  • At these visits get to know your child's teachers and key caregiver.
  • Let us know of your child's special interests so we can engage them in the centre.
  • If possible, stay during the first stages of transition until your child is happily settled into an activity or happy with a teacher or peer.
  • Children are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddlies that may aid the settling process.
  • Parents are encouraged to say "goodbye" and inform their child that they will be back at a certain time, for example, after their afternoon sleep or for lunch.


  • Please notify our teachers if your child is unwell and unable to attend.
  • Your child should be kept home if you suspect they may be ill, especially if it is infectious.
  • In the event that any child becomes ill while at Elim International Kids we require a parent or guardian to collect them as soon as possible.

Please see our illness policy for more details. Policies are located at the sign in area or on request.

Communication with Parents and Caregivers

Elim International Kids aims to keep the lines of communication between home and centre as open, regular and informative as possible. Open Partnership with parents is important to us and we value your interest and input into our programme.
We have developed a number of channels of communication between the Centre and Parents/Caregivers.

  • The "Daily news" will be posted on the parent notice-board towards the end of every day so you know what your child has been involved in/learning today.
  • The daily menu will also be posted on the parent notice board.
  • Educa - our online portfolio system, provides parents with information regarding upcoming social events, centre happenings, teacher professional development and any other relevant information.
  • Teachers at Elim International Kids meet with parents twice yearly for a formal parent interview to discuss their child's development, achievements and any issues of importance.
  • Nappy changes, toileting and sleep/wake times are recorded on clipboard in the relevant areas available for parents to view each day.
  • Your child's learning journey will be recorded on their page in the Educa system and in learning stories on display in the Centre.
  • Programme Planning is displayed in the centre for parents to view.
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