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Centre Philosophy

At Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre we believe in the importance of facilitating an appreciation of the wealth of culture in our society. We will endeavour to provide an atmosphere of love and security, in which all children will feel valued, and therefore fi nd confi dence to embrace the variety of people around them. This will cultivate healthy, positive attitudes, providing a balanced outlook on life.

We believe in the importance of the family and aim to strengthen the bonds of the family unit through partnership between home and Centre. Our goal is for an environment of open communication where Parents and Caregivers feel comfortable discussing their hopes, joys, aspirations and concerns for their children with Staff. Parents will be welcomed into the centre at any time of the day and encouraged to stay and interact with their child.

Children enrolled in the Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre will be taught a Bible based example of morals and values in the curriculum. This means an emphasis will be placed on the importance of respect, acceptance, learning good manners, morals and politeness.

The holistic development of children is of utmost importance to us. We will make opportunities available for children to enhance their sense of themselves through developing sound social interaction skills, good emotional and physical health, and a positive self worth. We also believe children need to extend their thinking and actions through informed guidance of the core subjects, such as literacy, numeracy, science, music, art and technology.

Learning will be made fun. Each individual child, with his/her individual learning needs, will be catered for according to their learning style: visual, auditory or tactile/kinaesthetic. We aim to encompass all these learning styles and have each child leave our centre with a love for learning.

We endeavour to make a warm, caring, open and fun learning environment that exposes each child to equal learning opportunities, so that they can learn at their own pace and reach their full God-given potential.

Our curriculum will be Child-centred and will build on learning that takes place in the family, community and the wider world. Learning will be based on capturing the ‘teachable moment’ and will be led by the child’s interests.


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