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We desire to see children growing up with a love of learning and an excitement around discovering new things. Learning is encouraged and celebrated throughout the day, and children have the opportunity to share their ideas and discoveries during our mat-times and Centrewide celebrations. Teachers record your child's journey through photographs, stories and anecdotal notes which we pass on to families via our purpose built online portfolio system called "Educa". Educa is an online portal that enables early childhood educators to record, organise & share updates about each child's education & development. This is an interactive website that allows you to comment on your child's learning, ask questions and interact with teachers. You can find out more about educa by clicking this link: www.educa.co.nz.

We place a strong emphasis on literacy learning, and have implemented the fun and engaging literacy programme called "LETTERLAND" We love to see a child's excitement as they begin to recognise letters and the sounds they make - and pointing out words that begin with the letter of their own name. You can find out more about letterland by clicking this link: www.letterland.co.nz.

The centre is resourced with an extensive range of learning equipment and resources that are stimulating, challenging and aimed to meet the developmental needs of each age group. The environment is assessed and changed on a regular basis to meet the needs and interest of the children.

New Technologies are embraced and offer your child new opportunities to learn about the wonders of the world and beyond.

“Emphasis is placed on the importance of respect, acceptance, learning good manners, morals and politeness”

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Elim International Kids Early Childhood Centre  |  Level 1, 11-13 Alpha Street, Wellington  |  Phone 801 6491